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Insurance claims are a tricky business, so it’s important to get advise from a company that deals with them every day.   Also what most homeowners don't understand is that not everyone gets their roof approved.  If you do get it approved you have just saved thousands of dollars on a major home improvement.  If the insurance company approves your roof for replacement, you will receive a settlement document describing what they are willing to pay for.   Keep in mind that insurance doesn’t cover everything in many cases.  They will give you like-to-like.  This means if you do not have ventilation now they will not add it.  They will only give you money for what you do have to replace it.  This means that the roofing company is providing the items they did not provide because it is our responsibility to make sure you have a good roof system that will last you.

Settlements are determined by what the material and labor costs are currently.   As the customer, you are only responsible for your deductible plus any upgrades.   When the work is complete, you’ll receive two checks.   One with the settlement sheet and one after the roof is installed and they have received the roofing company’s invoice.  
Shopping around for a lower price than the insurance company provided may seem like a smart idea, but it is not.   If roofing companies provided estimates it would be more than the insurance company provides.  You should only be shopping for a great company that you want to hire to give you the best materials and best labor for your roof install.  Let's face it you most likely will not be up on the roof watching the job so you are relying on the roofing company to provide you with good installers.  Installers who will make sure your flashing is changed, change out rotted wood and not cut corners.  We only have the best installers on your roof.   


Focus on finding a reliable and honest roofing contractor, like us. At Atlanta Metro Roofing, we never cut corners and we do not collect money upfront.  If you have additional questions about insurance claims, contact us. 

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