Many homeowners in Atlanta don't know whether or not they should pay cash for their aging, damaged roof or ask the question "Will Insurance Cover My Roof."  We can help you make the right decision.  Let's face it roofs are expensive so if there is an opportunity to have the insurance company pay for it then it is the one thing homeowner's can finally see a return on their premiums they pay year after year.  At Atlanta Metro Roofing, we value our relationship with our customers, and we want to share our knowledge and experience with you. We’ve put together a list of common questions we come across. 
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How long do I have to file a storm claim?
Most insurance companies will approve claims up to 2 years after the storm. However, the sooner you file the better. 

Which insurance companies does AMR work with?
We work with all major insurance companies, and we’ve earned a good reputation within our local community. 

How much damage do I need to file a claim?
For roofs, most insurance companies will do a hail dent test within 10 square feet. Depending on the number of dents, they will replace your roof. For siding, insurance companies will replace each side of damaged aluminum and many companies will also pay to match the other sides if the same siding material is no longer available. When you call us, we inspect your home using the same standards as your insurance company and give you a free report detailing the damage.

My roof is so old. Will they pay enough to replace it?
Most likely, yes. 95% of homeowners have replacement coverage, so the age of the roof is somewhat irrelevant. Age typically affects when they will pay it, but that doesn't matter to a reputable contractor.

Why does the roofing contractor in Atlanta need to be at the adjuster appointment?
By working with insurance companies at the time of the inspection, we can eliminate most disputes over the extent of damage.  By working directly for you, we will ensure that your insurance company pays a fair price and make sure the inspector doesn't overlook any damage.

Do I need to get estimates?
In Georgia, insurance only pays for the work required at the time of the adjuster appointment. If a contractor submits a bogus invoice, that’s insurance fraud. Choose a company who will work with the amount provided from your insurance company. If a contractor is willing to do it for less, that’s a red flag.

How does the payout work?
Once your claim is approved, your insurance company will issue the actual cash value of your loss in two checks. The first check is your scope of loss and the second check is the depreciation amount, which will be received when the roof is complete and the roofing contractor sends the final invoice.  

Is this an insurance scam?
No. As a homeowner, you are entitled to replacement for damaged exterior components regardless of their age or prior condition. Catastrophe Action Teams have billions of dollars to take care of the overwhelming number of claims. 

Will my insurance premium go up? Or worse, will they drop me?
Insurance carriers will not hold natural events beyond your control against you, although an insurance company reserves the right to refuse underwriting to any customer. 

What if the insurance company denies my roof?
If your roof is not approved and we feel it was a poor judgment call by the insurance adjuster, we will have you file for a re-inspect. You cannot be penalized for a re-inspection.  However, some insurance companies will not allow a re-inspect.  In that case you would have to wait for a new storm date.

How soon will you replace my roof?
We can replace your roof within 5 to 10 days of receiving the scope of work from your insurance company.

Should I change insurance companies to get a roof?
It depends on the insurance company the age of the roof.  We can help you with your options.  Don't jump insurance companies to try and get a roof.  Your claim history is as important as your credit history. 

• We always work off the insurance proceeds for insurance claims 
• We use top-of-the-line materials for every roof  
• We are GAF Master Elite Contractors
 • We are accredited with the BBB, and belong to Angie's List and Home Advisor 
• We carry workers’ comp and general liability insurance 
 • We follow OSHA guidelines for safety
• We hold our business license in Alpharetta, GA

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